ugh i just want to talk to you all day but i don’t want to be whiney and annoying…..


come lay down next to me and i’ll tell you about all the dogs i saw today 

So, you who are not yet adults, you want to know what it’s like?


Here you go.


2 days later, after bills are paid and budget is set:  LEMME CHECK THIS COUCH CUSHION FOR LOOSE CHANGE SO I CAN GET A LATTE


i want a boyfriend for the sole purpose of killing spiders. i am a wimp and i hate killing spiders it is terrifying. 

i want have a boyfriend for the sole purpose of killing spiders. i am a wimp and i hate killing spiders it is terrifying. 


animation portfolio aka my cause of death 

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boy wouldn’t it be lovely to walk around and not be harassed

Ok so today earlier today I was by Fenway, which was super busy because there was a game.  As I’m walking to Kenmore station some guy is selling pamphlets and Red Sox’s stuff; when I walk past him he starts getting way too close to me.  Then he says “something something beautiful”; now I know when some sleazy guy says anything with beautiful at the end it’s not a compliment.  I turn around, give him a glare, and flip him off (which I’m kinda proud of).  In response he yells “I bet you use that finger a lot” and keeps yelling after me even when I’m way past him.

Right after I call my mom because I’m so angry.  As I’m walking there’s a guy coming in the opposite direction so I start to move out of his way but he moves in front of me; then he’s like “hey do you have any money.”  I tell him to get out of my face, still while on the phone with my mom. 

After those two things, one right after another, I seriously could’ve cried.  I went to call Cody, even though I knew he probably wasn’t going to pick up since he’s on vacation, to remind myself that there are such things as decent guys.  And then I got really frustrated because I bet none of this would’ve happened if he were around.  God forbid I go about alone and not get harassed by some weirdo.  

It was just such a weird day because then two other strangers talked to me; they were a lot nicer but they were still odd.  

Anyways the day was fixed by alcohol and half off cheesecake when I went Cheesecake Factory with Chrissie. 

there’s nothing like having your reviewer/teacher straight out laugh at you

You have the most adorable litte pecks