come lay down next to me and i’ll tell you about all the dogs i saw today 

So, you who are not yet adults, you want to know what it’s like?


Here you go.


2 days later, after bills are paid and budget is set:  LEMME CHECK THIS COUCH CUSHION FOR LOOSE CHANGE SO I CAN GET A LATTE


i want a boyfriend for the sole purpose of killing spiders. i am a wimp and i hate killing spiders it is terrifying. 

i want have a boyfriend for the sole purpose of killing spiders. i am a wimp and i hate killing spiders it is terrifying. 


animation portfolio aka my cause of death 

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boy wouldn’t it be lovely to walk around and not be harassed

Ok so today earlier today I was by Fenway, which was super busy because there was a game.  As I’m walking to Kenmore station some guy is selling pamphlets and Red Sox’s stuff; when I walk past him he starts getting way too close to me.  Then he says “something something beautiful”; now I know when some sleazy guy says anything with beautiful at the end it’s not a compliment.  I turn around, give him a glare, and flip him off (which I’m kinda proud of).  In response he yells “I bet you use that finger a lot” and keeps yelling after me even when I’m way past him.

Right after I call my mom because I’m so angry.  As I’m walking there’s a guy coming in the opposite direction so I start to move out of his way but he moves in front of me; then he’s like “hey do you have any money.”  I tell him to get out of my face, still while on the phone with my mom. 

After those two things, one right after another, I seriously could’ve cried.  I went to call Cody, even though I knew he probably wasn’t going to pick up since he’s on vacation, to remind myself that there are such things as decent guys.  And then I got really frustrated because I bet none of this would’ve happened if he were around.  God forbid I go about alone and not get harassed by some weirdo.  

It was just such a weird day because then two other strangers talked to me; they were a lot nicer but they were still odd.  

Anyways the day was fixed by alcohol and half off cheesecake when I went Cheesecake Factory with Chrissie. 

there’s nothing like having your reviewer/teacher straight out laugh at you

You have the most adorable litte pecks
None of it seems real….

Only this morning my boyfriend and I were lying in bed, goofing off per usual.  We went through our normal routines and everything. 

Then around 1, Cody was like I’m going to go to Raven (a used bookstore on Newbury St) and all his roommates agreed to go with him.  But I couldn’t go since I had a ton of work to do and I had planned the other night that I was gonna work at the school.  So the entire way to the school I moaned and bitched about the fact that I was going to be in a windowless room doing homework while he and his roommates were gonna be out and about.  

When we finally got to MassArt, I was being a brat and throwing a bitch fit cuz I was not looking forward to spending the day in the school.  I yanked myself away before he could give me a kiss good-bye.

Then a couple hours later I see a friend’s status about bombings and it just didn’t make sense.  After talking with a few friends and a few strangers it hit me what happened: there were bombings in Copley where the Boston Marathon was happening. I saw a missed call from Cody.  Reaching him wasn’t hard but the real fear set in when he told me he had gotten separated from all his roommates.  We decided that he would come meet me at the school; my school is maybe 20 minutes away from where the bombings happened.  

We are both safe and so were all his roommates.  But one of his roommates was between the two bombing locations; if the bombs had been any stronger it could’ve been so much worse.

I am still reeling from the events of today; I’m just sitting here trying to keep myself together.  I can’t focus.  I am not hurt and I am thanking every star out there my friends and family are ok; but to imagine I could’ve been out there in the middle of things with Cody on Newbury St …. It’s just been such an emotionally exhausting day.  It’s my hometown that was attacked; I frequently visit the location where it happens normally- just the other day I was down there.  I was scared to leave the school.  Scared to go to Cody’s apartment alone.  Scared to go back to my apartment once he came back from bringing his roommate (who had been between two of the bombings).

I am just endlessly thankful for the wellbeing of my friends and family and send my thoughts out to those who were less fortunate.