Astral Cat by ~OrangeAlien3
pffft who needs to focus anyways……

Astral Cat by ~OrangeAlien3

pffft who needs to focus anyways……


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So here’s the final cut of my Animation 2 final. I’m pretty happy with the results and it’s been nice getting good feedback from those who have given it. 

For some reason Vimeo is being a butt and the quality isn’t too great but you can check out the nice quality, second draft cut of it here  Ok I lied but you can still check it out on youtube 

Stills from my most recent animation Between Light and Dark

I’ll be uploading the ‘perfected’ version up on my Vimeo at some point but for now feel free to check out the 99% complete version on Youtube! 

***Edit 5/15: Aaaaand I finally got around to uploading it to Vimeo here so check it out :D

Here's a sneak peak of my animation 2 final...

So for those of you interested, this is my final for animation 2. I’ve been trying to switch over to vimeo but I have a couple more tweaks I need to put on this before I upload it there

(also the fact that because I have a basic account I have a cap on how many HD videos I can upload, I want to wait to have my limit reset so I can have it all nice and shiny)